Crowd of protesters at the Montreal Climate March in September 2019.


For a sustainable world

Zero waste products (as in... nothing at all)

The best way to explain our mission is through our actions. Here's how we contribute to a better world.


100% compostable or reusable

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Atelier de l'entreprise écoresponsable Atoca à Blainville, Québec


We ♥ Blainville

Our products are made by hand with love (it's our secret ingredient.


Natural and sustainable

Here is an example


Animals, we love them... even naked ones.

Support WWF
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Yes, but... what for the delivery?

We reuse boxes and padding material to send your products in the mail.

Atoca seedpaper business card


business cards made with seedpaper

Your actions count too!

Be where it counts. Send us your ideas and comments. Help us make a difference! We always like to discuss with you, even if it's about the weather!

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