Padawan - Ecofriendly shower

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This box contains:

A single conditioner is enough for two shampoo bars. A soap usually lasts about a month in the shower.

Our recommendation: If you wash your hair more often than twice a week, we recommend that you subscribe to receive this box every 2 months. If you wash your hair less regularly, you can get the box every 3 months!


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How to: solid shampoo bar

Atoca shampoo bar made with horsetail and tangerine in the shower

In the shower, rub the shampoo bar in your hands to create a lather.

Woman who washes her hair with Atoca shampoo bar

Apply to hair; gently massage the scalp with fingers and rinse well.

Two sizes of Atoca shampoo bar, natural and zero waste

Put the shampoo in a soap dish that allows the product to dry.

Cautionnary statement

Test on your skin before use.See cautionnary statement.

Choose zero waste

This shampoo bar is offered in a 100% compostable packaging.