Makeup Remover Pads - Package of 4

Reusable makeup remover pads?!

"They're so soft that sometimes I feel like I want to put makeup on just to rub them on my face. " - Milly

We've partnered with Fil&Cotton to bring you the softest makeup remover pads in history. Milly is in love with them and you will be too!

The tampons are durable and non-irritating, making them perfect for sensitive or reactive skin. They are made from organic cotton flannel, woven in Montreal.

You can use them with all types of makeup removers (milk, micellar water, oil, ...).

Maintenance tips:

After use, rinse with lukewarm or cold water and mild soap, rubbing the flannel parts lightly against each other. Do not use fabric softener. We also recommend avoiding the use of the dryer, so as not to compromise the quality of the pad. Dry them flat and reuse them for as long as you like!

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Cautionnary statement

May contain allergens. Test on skin before use. See cautionnary statement.


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